British Rail Class 170 Turbostar - 10/02/2023

Static Caravan are a Leeds based band that feed your parents’ record collection through heavy laptop production, tortured ableton presets and charity shop drum machines. 'British Rail Class 170 Turbostar' is a Krautpunk culmination of this: jangly, noisy melodies interlock atop a club-ready motorik pulse that eventually derails and collapses in on itself.

Gourmet mushroom burger: PC fan in a brioche bun Feel of rusted tongue, on motor oil and dutch metal leaves As meat and muscle, melted, drip through the drains The march of progression was never meant to be this mundane Nevertheless, a success from a government outsourced contract set up to investigate effects of GM upon cattle and sheep in an effort to influence the colour of dog shit

A shifting city caked in digital smoke From a nearby turbostar one seven oh The future of travel.. The death knell for steam.. And automatic doors, now triggered by a sense of unease Broken paving slabs, bearing engravements of screenshots of ceefax, under the foot of scaffolding that inches it's way towards you until you find that you've nothing left